Hough Transform Probablistic with selected degree

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Just another question related to Hough Transform but for Probabilistic Hough Line Transform. In this function, the HT Prob

HoughLinesP(dst, lines, 1, CV_PI/180, 50, 50, 10 );

with the arguments:

  • dst: Output of the edge detector. It should be a grayscale image (although in fact it is a binary one)
  • lines: A vector that will store the parameters (x_{start}, y_{start}, x_{end}, y_{end}) of the detected lines
  • rho : The resolution of the parameter r in pixels. We use 1 pixel.
  • theta: The resolution of the parameter \theta in radians. We use 1 degree (CV_PI/180)
  • threshold: The minimum number of intersections to “detect” a line
  • minLinLength: The minimum number of points that can form a line. Lines with less than this number of points are disregarded.
  • maxLineGap: The maximum gap between two points to be considered in the same line.

Here can the rho and theta been employed again to get the selective degree? The lines now are vectors X start, Y start, X end and Y end which is different.

Can I limit the range that houghLines probablistic searches through? If yes, should I declare again using x start, y start, x end and y end?

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