"highgui" in OpenCV Framework for iOS

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Yet another noob question. I've been able to compile the 2.4.9 framework for iOS (successfully, I think) but I do not see the "highgui/ios.h" file that is so often referred to (and XCode tells me it can't find the file either). I've also tried the pre-compiled version, to the same end. The only files present in the "highgui" folder are "highgui_c.h" and "highgui.hpp." My question is this: do the newer releases (i.e. 2.4.9) still contain the same files as some of the previous versions (i.e. 2.4.6)? All of the tutorials and examples I've found provide directions for nothing newer than 2.4.6.

Using Mac OSX10.9.4/XCode 6.0.

Framework was installed via command line, cloning the git repository, followed by "python opencv/platforms/ios/build_framework.py ios." Despite getting the glorious "INSTALL SUCCEEDED" message at the conclusion, all of the tests which were performed seemed to have failed:

-- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - failed -- Detecting C compiler ABI info -- Detecting C compiler ABI info - failed -- Performing Test HAVE_CXX_FSIGNED_CHAR -- Performing Test HAVE_CXX_FSIGNED_CHAR - Failed -- Performing Test HAVE_C_FSIGNED_CHAR -- Performing Test HAVE_C_FSIGNED_CHAR - Failed

In any case, if anyone has an answer re: the files which should be present in "highgui" or any suggestions as to what is going on, I'll be much obliged. Thanks!

I'm dumb. I looked through the pre-compiled framework again, and the "highgui" directory definitely contains the additional "missing" files I was after. Still, XCode claims not to be able to find the contents of that directory.

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