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color.cpp:3380: error: (-215) (scn == 3 || scn == 4) && depth == CV_8U in function cvtColor

asked 2014-08-25 11:19:27 -0600

kenilworth gravatar image


I'm completed the OpenCV iOS video processing tutorial, but I get this exception when running the completed app:

libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type cv::Exception: /Users/vp/work/opencv/modules/imgproc/src/color.cpp:3380: error: (-215) (scn == 3 || scn == 4) && depth == CV_8U in function cvtColor

The exception is thrown by this function:

- (void)processImage:(Mat&)image;
    // Do some OpenCV stuff with the image
    Mat image_copy;
    cvtColor(image, image_copy, COLOR_BGR2GRAY);

    //invert image
    bitwise_not(image_copy, image_copy);
    cvtColor(image_copy, image, COLOR_BGR2BGRA);

on the line cvtColor(image_copy, image, COLOR_BGR2BGRA);

What exactly is going on?

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answered 2014-08-25 11:36:09 -0600

Haris gravatar image

The above code will do

->Convert color image to gray

cvtColor(image, image_copy, COLOR_BGR2GRAY); //will work if source is 3 channel

-> Invert gray

bitwise_not(image_copy, image_copy); // should work if cvtColor() success

->Convert BGR to BGRA (three channel to four channel)

cvtColor(image_copy, image, COLOR_BGR2BGRA); // will not work as image_copy not three cannel(BGR)

So before converting BGR to BGRA convert image_copy to BGR using CV_GRAY2BGR

 Mat bgr;
 cvtColor(image_copy, bgr, CV_GRAY2BGR);


 cvtColor(bgr, image, COLOR_BGR2BGRA);
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