P3P Pose Estimation

asked 2014-08-23 12:43:51 -0600

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I am relatively new to image processing so please bear with me.

I am planning to use P3P Pose Estimation in a project that would require quite high (~100 Hz) update rate. For that I have been going through some papers which describe the P3P algorithm.

It has been mentioned that P3P gives upto 4 solutions out of which one is used. A fourth point can be used to remove the ambiguity.

What I want to know is that if we have a general idea about the pose of the object and the 3D points which we intend to correspondence are known to be fixed on a rigid object (e.g. a helmet) is is possible to constraint the P3P algorithm so that it gives a unique solution?

Any further explanation of the P3P algorithm would be most welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

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