Is camera calibration required on every run?

asked 2014-12-05 04:17:47 -0600

bad_keypoints gravatar image

I'm building an app which would on detection of an object/image in the camera preview on mobile, will draw a 3D overlay over the object in the direction pose of the object. Just what augmented reality is.

On searching for topics on getting started with pose estimation of object on which to overlay, I came across that we have to have to do camera calibration to get camera intrinsic params.

After getting those, do we have to do calibration to get intrinsic and extrinsic params everytime when the app is run? Or can I calculate them once with the chessboard and store and use them henceforth?

Please forgive if this seems silly, but the idea of calibrating camera everytime is not something the enduser should be subjected to, and thus I don't want to put this kind of system on my app. But after reading up on camera intrinsic param, I gathered that this is something that we probably have to do on every run.

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