tranking ball with 2 cameras

asked 2014-08-11 06:05:08 -0500

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updated 2014-08-11 06:08:10 -0500

I need to make a projekt , 1 camera is for X axis of coordinate system and second camera is for Y axis, the application should measure speed of ball , the distance and time the ball traveled.

I'm working with opencv 2.4.9 i began to wrote some code in c++ , but so far i was able to wrote simple code that display image from 2 cameras and im stuck.

Can any one give me some tips what shoud i do next and if i display wideo from 2 cams are they synchronize or i need to whirte some extra code for that?

I know ther is a lot of stuf about mesure speed distance and time in the internet but i dont know have i shoud make it work with 2 cams.

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