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Question about the describe parameter of the files used in performance when doing haartraining?

asked 2012-10-27 17:55:39 -0600

flammxy1 gravatar image

I am doing the performance.exe and I have done the haartraining.exe. So what about the describe of the files used in performance? Is that shoud like the positive describe file like "a.jpg 1 0 0 30 30" ? Or just be "a.jpg"?

If should be the former, in this describe the "0 (x), 0 (y)"and the "30 (w), 30 (h)" should be the size of postive samples used in createsample.exe? or should be the object detection file, like a target picture, "a.jpg 1 100 150 300 400" ?

If should be the latter, Why I can not detect anything shoud as a red rectangle? Actually when the latter, the performance does nothing.

And I have tried to modify the number in "a.jpg 1 0 0 30 30" to any kind of "a.jpg 1 x x xxx xxx" It can detect the object but every time the same result.

Does anyone have some experience about this?


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answered 2013-05-16 07:52:15 -0600

vinayverma gravatar image

Well it is the collection of file names only. In your case like a.jpg. The usage is as follows:

Usage: ./performance -data (classifier_directory_name) -info (collection_file_name) [-maxSizeDiff (max_size_difference = 1.500000)] [-maxPosDiff (max_position_difference = 0.300000)] [-sf (scale_factor = 1.200000)] [-ni] [-nos (number_of_stages = -1)] [-rs (roc_size = 40)] [-w (sample_width = 24)] [-h (sample_height = 24)]

Sample usage can be:

performance.exe -data haarcascade -w 20 -h 20 -info tests.txt -ni

Where tests.txt has the list of file names.

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