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OpenCV for Windows without CUDA

asked 2014-06-06 05:57:57 -0600

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I'm looking for pre-build OpenCV and EmguCV for Windows without CUDA because OpenCV size jump from 20Mb to 500mb

Removing dll seems not working, everything is required

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answered 2014-06-06 06:26:55 -0600

The latest 2.4.9 prebuilt binaries found here are built without CUDA support. In order to only use the libraries you actually need you can statically link your libraries to your project which will include them at run time. This makes sure that you do not have to ship a complete OpenCV package with each installation.

As for EmguCV, that is a C# package which is not officially supported, thus no help shall be provided here. You should focus on the emguCV help forum for that.

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