Getting Lesser stages in haartraining.exe output

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Hi All,

I have gone through how to create .xml file for Haartraining, Gone through below steps,

1. Successfully created Info.txt file using positive images.
2. Successfully created bg.txt file using negative images.
3. Successfully created .vec file using createsamples.exe.

4. Successfully created Stage folders in Cascade folder file using haartraining.exe.

5. At Last Successfully Created .xml file using haarconv.exe.

In 4th point, i am using 10 stages that means there should be 0 to 9 (N to N-1 where N is No. of Stages given)folders in Cascade folders, but i am getting only 6. I am afraid that this is wrong output, because the tutorial i am referring is explained clearly that there should be N-1 folders.

Please help me.

Regards, Jithendra.

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Training can finish if some parameters are met before the 10th stage. Try adding more positives/negatives. And check opencv_traincascade, I think haartraining is obsolete.

mada gravatar imagemada ( 2014-05-28 08:55:56 -0500 )edit