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Are these functions accelerated by ARM NEON?

asked 2014-05-23 04:16:13 -0500

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I'm currently using OpenCV on an android based device which supports ARM NEON.The OpenCV version is 2.4.9. Functions such as cvCanny, cvDilate, cvResize, cvtColor are used, and I want to speed them up. What i want to know is that if these functions are already written in the form that can be accelerated by the NEON architecture. How can i know the origin code of these functions, and what other functions are accelareted by NEON? Is there any more suggestions on optimization? Thank you!

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answered 2014-07-29 13:18:31 -0500

rwong gravatar image

As for ARM NEON acceleration, please refer to the answer given in open-source NEON optimizations.

To summarize, currently only a few functions have been accelerated for ARM NEON. Volunteering efforts and Github pull requests are welcome.

The locations of the source files are

  • cvCanny - modules\imgproc\src\canny.cpp
  • cvDilate - modules\imgproc\src\morph.cpp
  • cvResize - modules\imgproc\src\imgwarp.cpp
  • cvtColor - modules\imgproc\src\color.cpp

Currently, these accelerations are available:

  • Intel Performance Primitives (IPP)
  • NVIDIA Tegra
  • x86 SIMD (SSE2 and up)

Source code for NVIDIA CUDA accelerated algorithms are in a separate directory:

  • modules\gpu\src

Source code for OpenCL accelerated algorithms are in a separate directory:

  • modules\ocl\src

To check for preprocessor directives for each type of acceleration:

  • IPP : check for HAVE_IPP and IPP_VERSION_MAJOR
  • CUDA : check for HAVE_CUDA. Also check for use of the cv::GpuMat matrix type, which is capable of copying data between CPU and GPU memory.
  • Tegra : check for HAVE_TEGRA_OPTIMIZATION
  • SSE2 : check for CV_SSE2, and then call checkHardwareSupport(CV_CPU_SSE2). If an instruction set higher than SSE2 is used (such as SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, etc), a check must be performed on each of these, because the presence of higher instruction set may not imply the presence of all lower instruction sets.
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