using cv::LogPolar_Interp() function with MFC/VS10/Win7

asked 2012-10-18 23:21:23 -0500

nursmaul gravatar image

Hello, I am using OpenCV 2.4.2 with VS10, under Windows7 environment. I would like to use LogPolar_Interp() function in my MFC application and i need some help on this.

In the case of command line application, starting from the empty project in VS10, the function can be used properly and seems to be working perfect. But when I try to use it in my MFC application project, compiler claims that the function to be undefined. Its the compiler error, and not that of the linker. I am sure that I am using the same #includes and same set of .libs as the command line project.

I have checked over the whole #defines and options between two projects and tried to figure out the difference, but have no idea for now. any idea could be appreciated. thankyou.

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