How to configure Probabilistic Occupancy Map people detector [closed]

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Probabilistic Occupancy Map is a multi-camera human detection procedure, with its c++ implementation freely avaible at:

In order to utilize this handy piece of software one needs:

  1. A series of synchronized video frames from multiple cameras after background removal procedure.
  2. A configuration file for a particular scenario.

POM ships with an example set of video frames and related configuration file.

My problem can be stated as follows: Given a sequence of synchronized videos (for example from how do I generate the configuration file required by POM? In particular I'm interested in the RECTANGLE tag of the configuration. The readme states:

RECTANGLE [camera number] [location number] notvisible|[xmin] [ymin] [xmax] [ymax]

Defines the parameters of a certain rectangle, standing for an individual at a certain location viewed from a certain camera. All non-specified rectangles are "not visible" by default.

From my understanding it defines how a person's bounding rectangle would look like at a certain location viewed from a certain camera. This has to be defined for every (grid) location for every camera (given the location is in the camera's Field of View - if not, notvisible is used or the rectangle may be left undefinied).

Doing this by hand is not impossible, but certainly is impractical. So, to sum up: How do I generate the POM configuration file if I have a set of videos from multiple cameras?

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Ok I think you are at the complete wrong location. OpenCV Q&A forum is there for openCV library related problems. Problems with a piece of code based on openCV as far as using the project is not in this scope. You should address the people programming it through the proper channels. Look at the contact info on the page!

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