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Using OpenCV of ROS in Qt Creator

asked 2012-10-18 10:19:27 -0600

David_Lavy gravatar image

Hi, so I've installed ROS Fuerte in my PC, and now I want to use the OpenCV libraries from it in a Qt project. I don't know how to do it ... Before I had ROS Electric and by only adding:

unix {    
CONFIG += link_pkgconfig
PKGCONFIG += opencv

To my .pro file was enough to start using OpenCV, but this doesn't work now. Do you have any idea how to do it? Thanks.

Additional Info:

  • Ubuntu version 11.10
  • OpenCV version 2.4.2
  • ROS Fuerte
  • Qt 4.7.3
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And what do people from say? That forum is possibly a better place for this question...

Kirill Kornyakov gravatar imageKirill Kornyakov ( 2012-10-18 13:20:03 -0600 )edit

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answered 2012-10-18 15:14:00 -0600

beowulf gravatar image

Are complicated steps, but nothing impossible.

This tutorial will help you:

and that video:

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