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OpenCV Bibtex Citation

asked 2014-04-27 18:16:40 -0600

glopes gravatar image

I want to cite OpenCV as part of a scientific publication. Basically I'm in the same situation described by Damien in this post from 2011:

The bibtex citation mentioned in the OpenCV wiki ( is not only vastly outdated but even worse, it is apparently now pointing to a dead link!

More specifically, the link to Dr. Dobb's Journal of Software Tools article on OpenCV reports back that no articles are found:

It is very concerning to have a citation in a paper that you actually cannot access in any way!

How are people working around this? Is there an updated citation block? Has anyone cited OpenCV in their own research that would care to share their own way to do it?


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answered 2015-06-23 16:57:02 -0600

sebalander gravatar image

I wrote this bibtex entries because I couldn't find a suitable example of how to do it:

% to cite the sofware library
  title={Open Source Computer Vision Library},
  howpublished = {\url{}}
% to cite the manual
  title = {The OpenCV Reference Manual},
  organization = {Itseez},
  edition = {},
  month = {April},
  year = {2014},
  notes = {See \url{}}
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answered 2018-05-12 11:50:28 -0600

You can use the following bibtex entry as especified in the GitHub wiki in December, 2017:

    author = {Bradski, G.},
    citeulike-article-id = {2236121},
    journal = {Dr. Dobb's Journal of Software Tools},
    keywords = {bibtex-import},
    posted-at = {2008-01-15 19:21:54},
    priority = {4},
    title = {{The OpenCV Library}},
    year = {2000}
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