Error in every OpenCV sample for android

asked 2014-03-21 11:51:18 -0600

alexx_m87 gravatar image

I import the library and the samples and nothing works fine! There is an error in /OpenCV Library - 2.4.8/src/org/opencv/video/ , i changed the but i dont know if it works fine. The last error i get is this:

OpenCV Sample - face-detection] Could not find OpenCV Sample - face-detection.apk

i have tried everything but i can not run any of the samples! And another question, should i download the CDT or is it included in the NDK download?

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Hi, i don't know the answer to your problem but i had the same error. I changed the "Project Build Target" (under properties, Android) of the OpecCV library project to the latest set of APIs and cleaned all the projects... Hope it can help...

beco gravatar imagebeco ( 2014-03-23 10:57:17 -0600 )edit