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Do I need to write a logic of pattern recognition (classification of objects) or OpenCV already have such a function?

asked 2012-10-05 18:13:41 -0500

Anderson gravatar image

I know that the OpenCV has the tools to do noise filtering, edge detect. But as i know it only preparation for recognition . Pattern recognition mean classification objects (the selection one object from others). Should I write your own algoritm of recognition (neural network for example) or OpenCV already have such a function? OpenCV works with face recognition only or can be set to any object recognition (after learning for example)? What algorithms are used for this?

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answered 2012-10-05 20:18:26 -0500

OpenCV is a wonderful thing my friend :)

Take a look at the Machine Learning section of the library, it contains implementations of many state-of-the-art machine learning and pattern recognition techniques, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. And the interface is pretty simple: MachineLearningMethod::train() and MachineLearningMethod::predict()

You can find implementations for:

  • Statistical models
  • Normal Bayes Classifier
  • K-nearest neighbors
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Decision trees
  • Random forest
  • EM
  • Neural Networks
  • ...

It doesn't work only with face recognition, if you provide the training data you can learn anything.

Happy pattern recognition!

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answered 2012-10-09 01:29:37 -0500

Kirill Kornyakov gravatar image

Here are a couple of tutorials to start:

  1. Face and eyes detection.
  2. Detection of a known planar object.
  3. Template matching.
  4. Detecting lines and circles.

So, you can see that there are a number of methods for particular tasks. And Martin is right, you should also study the opencv_ml module.

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