Improper Setup.

asked 2012-10-05 16:51:07 -0500

neox27 gravatar image

Hey veterans, I am a newbie to OpenCV on Android. I am tryong to compile a sample code in Eclipse. But i have like 100s of error while building the code like

  • BaseLoaderCallback cannot be resolved to a type /org.opencv.samples.imagemanipulations.ImageManipulationsActivity/src/org/opencv/samples/imagemanipulations line 42 Java Problem
  • Core cannot be resolved /org.opencv.samples.imagemanipulations.ImageManipulationsActivity/src/org/opencv/samples/imagemanipulations line 37 Java Problem

and a lot more. I know these problems are to deal with libraries but I dont know as to how to fix them. Please any input/suggestions would be helpful.

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