Use OpenCV in Android Studio for Linux Ubuntu

asked 2014-02-05 08:55:27 -0600

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I need some help because I have been trying to make run OpenCV in Android Studio, which I have installed on Ubuntu.

I tried a lot of things but its impossible for me to do this.

First, I download the OpenCV-Android-SDK.

Second, I have imported it in Eclipse on Windows. First problem appears here. All the classes have errors... but I read on this forum and others how to fix it. Well, I do all the steps and a few errors continues. The errors appear in the sample and tutorials.

For fix that, I went to properties of each sample and I added the openCv library as a jar. It fixed for a few samples, but the problem continues. I add in "Properties>Android" my version of Android Open Source Project, Android 4.4. It fixed a few samples, but not all.

I found another solution, related about C/C++ build path, deleting a ".cmd". It dont fixed anything.

Well, I try to export just the openCV library, without samples. I did well BUT when I have imported it on Android Studio, it failed because the GRADLE VERSION IS LESS than 1.8.

I have tried to change files like, and didnt fix anything.

Can anyone give me a tutorial step by step?

Thanks a lot.


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