how to change function parameters on the go in embedded system

asked 2014-01-29 02:07:45 -0500

az_irl gravatar image

Hi every one, I am working on a simple project to track a ball on a mobile embedded device running linux, first step involves HSV color space filtering, this step requires my manual adjustment of the HSV parameters to correctly filter out the ball (just like with trackbars). the device has ad hoc wifi network available, so i would like to take advantage of the fact.

my question is, how can i change these parameters at run time without trackbars? the device will have no GUI output avaliable, only wifi and SSH.

I would also require openCV to save a frame, and send the frame over wifi, to see the result of the changes taking place, what would you say is the best way to send this frame over wifi? I have thought of opening a FTP port within a program and recieve it that way.

Appreciate your time.

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