Problem with dll in opencv2.4.8 and visual studio 2010

asked 2014-01-26 06:45:58 -0600

Hello everybody, I have a little problem with Opencv 2.4.8. I installed the library and I tried to configured my Visual Studio 2010. I set: - In c/c++ -> general -> Addictional directories $(OPENCV)....\include - In linker -> general -> Addictional libraries -> $(OPENCV_DIR_x64)\lib;$(OPENCV_DIR_x86)\bin;$(OPENCV_DIR_x86)\lib;$(OPENCV_DIR_x64)\bin - In linker -> input -> Additional dependencies -> opencv_core248d.lib;opencv_imgproc248d.lib;opencv_highgui248d.lib;opencv_ml248d.lib;opencv_video248d.lib;opencv_features2d248d.lib;opencv_calib3d248d.lib;opencv_objdetect248d.lib;opencv_contrib248d.lib;opencv_legacy248d.lib;opencv_flann248d.lib;

Visual Studio 2010 fails to compile correctly, but when I start the program, this does not work and can not find the opencv_core248d.dll.

What can I do? Where did I go wrong?

Thank you

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