Traincascade with MultiThreading (TBB) -- Opencv-2.4.5

asked 2013-07-02 04:53:51 -0600

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updated 2013-07-02 04:54:56 -0600

Is there any good documentation/tutorial available for enabling multi-threading with traincascade (HAAR)?

I am using OpenCV-2.4.5 + VS-2010 + Windows 7

Almost every reference I found talks about older versions of OpenCV (< 2.4.5), which suggests to compile Opencv with TBB (with TBB flag enabled) to achieve it on older version. I also found that in 2.4.5, TBB is already enabled (if yes, do we have to set some flag? because I don't see Traincascade utilizing > 25% on quad core).

Also, is multithreading support present in HaarTraining?

Also, the following link suggests a lot of reduction in training time while using TBB (haartraining + singlecore > 3 weeks for one classifier; traincascades + multicore < 30 minutes for one classifier). Can anybody please provide an opinion on this?!topic/android-opencv/wgcNL-PfGpM

Could anybody please suggest some good tutorial/steps to achieve multithreading with Traincascade/Haartraining.


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