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stabilize image sequence

asked 2014-01-21 22:07:59 -0500

benwade gravatar image

I want to stabilize an uncompressed image sequence, can I use videostab module to do this without convert the sequence to video? or there are other ways to stabilize image sequence?

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As far as I know, the videostab module takes indeed video input but processes this frame by frame. Are you doing this by supplying a VideoCapture object? That object allows you to read in image sequence, so just try if it works with that.

filename – name of the opened video file (eg. video.avi) or image sequence (eg. img_%02d.jpg, which will read samples like img_00.jpg, img_01.jpg, img_02.jpg, ...)

StevenPuttemans gravatar imageStevenPuttemans ( 2014-01-23 06:33:15 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-04-13 12:33:26 -0500

dsteve gravatar image

Simple solution: instead of feeding the original folder path folder_path/, try folder_path/image_%04d.jpg (change it to the format of the images in the folder)

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answered 2014-03-19 16:13:20 -0500

Bryce gravatar image

I am doing this using an image sequence instead of a VideoCapture or VideoFileSource. Basically, I created a derived ImagesSource class from IFrameSource (frame_source.hpp) and replace VideoFileSource with ImagesSource in videostab.cpp.

My derived ImagesSource class simply has the nextFrame() function read the next image file from a directory and the reset() which restart at the beginning of your image list again.

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