Image size for object tracking [closed]

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i´m working on a tracking objects app. it also works if I take a image from the internet for example, with a width of 1000px. this picture i resize then: Imgproc.resize(referenceImageGray, referenceImageGray, new Size(((double)referenceImageGray.width() / divFaktor), ((double)referenceImageGray.height() / divFaktor)));

but when I take a photo from the camera (2448px * 3264px) and scale it down to about 480x360. find the app the image only on a small distance between image and camera.

what can I do to improve this?

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Actually try to reformulate your question correctly, using the guidelines in the FAQ! People will not feel to need to help you if the question is far from clear and not well documented. The negative score gives you a direction that you should apply some changes...

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