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Failed to load OpenCL runtime

asked 2014-01-06 19:48:28 -0500

aaron gravatar image

I have compiled and installed the latest version of OpenCV on an AWS instance. So when I try running this python script:

I get this error:

Failed to load OpenCL runtime OpenCV Error: Unknown error code -220 (OpenCL function is not available: [clGetPlatformIDs]) in opencl_check_fn, file /usr/local/opencv/modules/core/src/opencl/runtime/opencl_core.cpp, line 194

But if I start a python shell and paste each line of code into it manually it will work. When I call this command: kp1, des1 = sift.detectAndCompute(img1,None) it will throw the above error, but if I call that same command again the error doesn't happen and it runs normally.

I was wondering how do I get my script to work without manually pasting things into a python shell.

Thanks for the help.

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Did you manage to find a solution for this one? I am struggling with the same thing.

rocgf gravatar imagerocgf ( 2014-02-15 23:10:35 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-03-29 03:57:01 -0500

Caba gravatar image

I got the same problem, i solved it installing the packet: ocl-icd-opencl-dev

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this is the most helpful answer ever about this difficult question. Thank you for sharing.

begueradj gravatar imagebegueradj ( 2015-03-30 04:22:15 -0500 )edit

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