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The Clojure tutorial ( specifies how to pack the native libraries, using a specific folder structure.

However, I haven't found in the tutorial where and what is this used for, if at all. Only the main library is loaded:

(clojure.lang.RT/loadLibrary org.opencv.core.Core/NATIVE_LIBRARY_NAME)

What about the native ones? How are they extracted from the jar? In Java, you have to do it manually to the temp folder.

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This is a basic tutorial of how to use JNI :

itay gravatar imageitay ( 2013-12-15 09:41:33 -0600 )edit

Thanks for the link, but I am referring to the part in the Clojure tutorial where it specifies how to pack the native libraries inside the jar, but doesn't specify a way of loading those. As far as I know, Java cannot load native libraries from within a jar.

Jose Gómez gravatar imageJose Gómez ( 2013-12-15 09:50:38 -0600 )edit