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CamShift on grayscael

asked 2013-12-02 01:30:13 -0600

vandelfi gravatar image


I would like to use Camshift to track the head and retrieve the roll angle like this. Is there a way to use CamShift on a grayscale image? I'm using a Time-of-flight camera and I can only get a grayscale image from it.

Cheers, V.

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answered 2015-04-28 12:58:17 -0600

ricor29 gravatar image

I watched a lecture that once said for meanshift (so pretty similar to camshift) only using the pixel intensity from a grayscale image was not sufficient. Previously I tried implementing meanshift with just grayscale and it didn't work (just ended up chasing the object around the image). Loads of camshift examples out there try to track a colour ball but then the colour bit is unique enough. For a standard grayscale image from a normal camera one thing to do would be to augment the pixel intesnisty with image gradient and orientation information (easily obtained with Sobel filters).

However, you mention a time-of-flight camera and in that situation I have no idea. Hopefully somebody with a bit more insight may be able to help.

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