Downloading/Finding the Autogenerated Haskell/OpenCV C to C++ wrappers on GitHub [closed]

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Id like to contribute to the OpenCV pull by arjuncomar described at this link by first finding the latest updates to his repository and then downloading them....arjuncomar talks about his autogenerated C wrappers for the C++ Opencv interface at that link by saying i/e

"The automatically generated portions of these wrappers are provided in opencv_generated.hpp and opencv_generated.cpp for headers and source respectively. Some major classes are not parsed correctly by so these types are manually wrapped and show up in explicitly named headers and source files (e.g. mat.hpp/mat.cpp). A header called opencv.h includes both the automatically generated header and the manual headers and is located at include/opencv2/opencv.h. The other headers are installed to include/opencv2/c/"

so i searched online for the file opencv_generated.cpp he talked about above to find it and did at this link

but at goes on to talk about his "(now-defunct) opencv-raw repository" in the text at the first link i provided.. so im wondering if this is the latest and greatest version of his pull or if someone could help me find a better one ....Id like to be sure i have the right one before i start editing my contribution....Any help is greatly valued...Cheers!

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