Detecting Charuco with low contrast and few pixels in big picture.

asked 2020-09-29 04:31:43 -0600

Hi, I am trying to detect a DIN-A4 sized Charuco Board using OpenCV. The ictures were produced by a Azure Kinect with a resolution of 4096 px to 3072 px, the board takes up only about 330px to 230px of that image. You can see the cutout of the charuco beneath. It seems to be quite greyish with not too much contrast between the white and black areas. I think therefore I can only get any results of the board when getting closer and when seeing it basically from the front. Now, my question is, could I somehow get results from that picture? The current detection setup is basically exactly the example code with a 4x4 Dictionary.


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post data and source code that demonstrates the described failure vs. suitable data for a successful detection.

crackwitz gravatar imagecrackwitz ( 2020-09-30 08:30:39 -0600 )edit

I literally just this code:

Only with default aruco::DetectorParameters. I get no detected Aruco Markers at all, so it can not find the Charuco board either.

Desired data would be a location for each Aruco pattern and then a combined location of the entire Charuco board (I think the bottom left corner)

nic_olas gravatar imagenic_olas ( 2020-10-01 02:16:00 -0600 )edit