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VideoCapture device + RTSP port 554

asked 2020-08-12 14:28:05 -0600

Gerald.Rowe gravatar image

My application will stream rtsp from a Pelco encoder fine using opencv. But when I point it at an Axis encoder, wireshark shows that it contacts port 80 and gets "No session ID specified" instead of 554. If I point it at another Axis encoder of a slightly different type, it goes back to port 554. The difference in the rtsp urls between the two Axis encoders is a single digit in the ips; that's it. I did not provide anything different between the two.

If I specify 554 directly in the url, it will connect to 554, but only issues rtsp Continuation, no OPTION/DESCRIBE/SETUP etc.

Does anyone have any ideas why?

Windows Server 2016 OpenCV 4.2.0 RTSP/H264

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answered 2020-08-14 15:46:50 -0600

Gerald.Rowe gravatar image

Can't believe I'm finding completely original problems.

The answer to my question was that the ffmpeg plugin had not been copied into the working directory. So OCV was using some default plugin which apparently works great with one camera, but not another.

When OCV starts up, it will dump the PluginBackend information to stdout. It can be hard to see in dbg mode if it immediately starts reporting frame information. Make sure your expected plugin is reported.

Also, make sure that your OPENCV_DIR is set and pointing to your OpenCV bin directory for the correct mode(release|debug).

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