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I'm working on face recognition on Android studio using OpenCV and JavaCv. I'm using Haar cascade of OpenCV for face detection and LBPH for face recognition with the help of javaCv library. In the Gradle file, I add the two libraries together and my program works well. The problem is when I try to generate the APK an error occurred Type * is defined multiple times: * [Here is how I add JavaCv and OpenCV together]

implementation 'org.bytedeco:javacv:1.4.2' implementation 'org.bytedeco.javacpp-presets:opencv:3.4.0-1.4.2:android-arm64' implementation 'org.bytedeco.javacpp-presets:ffmpeg:3.4.0-1.4.2:android-arm64' implementation project(path: ':openCVLibrary340')

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  • javaCv library --3rd party effort, not maintained at all by the opencv folks. we simply do not know, what that guy is doing.(and thus, cannot help you)

  • (there is an offical java api ...)

  • opencv:3.4.0-1.4.2 -- horribly outdated
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