Absolute orientation on stereo images

asked 2020-05-19 18:17:31 -0500

I'm currently working on a graduation project about photogrammetric computations of the stereo images. I just got two overlapped images which sees the same object and overlapping ratio is nearly %60-65.I also have some known object points in world coordinates .I'm trying to find world coordinates of the object from the images.The steps I did as the following;

1.calibrating camera by using planar object

2.Matching features of the images and extracting key points

3.determining of fundamental and essential matrix

4.decomposing the essential matrix to R and T elements by recoverPose()

5.creating model coordinates by using image coordinates(points are transformed pixel to image coordinates)

I have one more step named absolute orientation.I couldn't find any function or source to do it.Is there any one knows how to do it ? Thank you for your time.

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