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Help with latency in video

asked 2020-04-28 02:59:29 -0500


I am using direct video stream and I need to get the image at the right time. And my camera has about 2s latency in OpenCV.

Is it possible to measure camera latency without having to bring computer to camera and record stopwatch? Like some kind of script that finds out latency?

Is it possible to lower latency?

Is there a workaround the latency?

Than you in advance!

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answered 2020-04-28 11:52:45 -0500

mvuori gravatar image

Measuring: you could shoot something that shows an exact time and compare that to the time you retrieve a frame that shows it Decreasing: transmitting a big frame takes time, so decreasing video resolution and decreasing its quality should help Optionally: it may be that the camera buffers the feed a bit and that the buffering could be adjusted in the camera's settings

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