Test failure with opencv_perf_tracking

asked 2020-04-09 13:25:25 -0500

Hi, I'm running a "make test" with an OpenCV 4.3.0 build against GCC 7.3, CUDA 10.0, and MKL 2019.5. Most tests are passing, but the next one I'm trying to pass is generating errors like

<property name="ocl_memory_usage" value="0"/>
    <testcase name="mil/1" value_param="(&quot;david&quot;, 2)" status="run" time="0.002" classname="tracking_mil">
      <failure message="/scratch/cchang/tkt266272/opencv-4.3.0/modules/ts/src/ts_perf.cpp:539&#x0A;Expected: ((size_t)26) &lt;= (array.total() * (size_t)array.channels()), actual: 26 vs 0&#x0A;  Argument &quot;bbs_mat&quot; has unexpected number of elements" type=""><![CDATA[/scratch/cchang/tkt266272/opencv-4.3.0/modules/ts/src/ts_perf.cpp:539
Expected: ((size_t)26) <= (array.total() * (size_t)array.channels()), actual: 26 vs 0
  Argument "bbs_mat" has unexpected number of elements]]></failure>

Do I need to worry here? Thanks; Chris

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