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asked 2020-02-28 05:12:21 -0500


couple of my team members having problems with image rectification ... apparently it worked perfectly fine til version but now with version it doesn't work any more. It does not break but the rectification is clearly off. Reversing to version with out any additional changes restores the original behavior. We checked the changelog but couldn't find anything directly affecting us. I also checked if other packages versions changed but found nothing.

We use features2D/ matches and AKAZE/ ...

If anyone has an idea what could cause this or how we could find out, we would appreciate it a lot! Sorry that I can't give a more detailed explanation right now, I am not working on that directly, I just thought I ask for advice on how to tackle this. We will raise a thorough bug report as soon as we have time and something tenable !

Thanks in advance !

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