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Highlight areas with different colour that the area that surround them

asked 2020-02-10 08:35:38 -0500

Elric gravatar image

I've just started with Computer Vision and also with OpenCV.

I'm working with MRI brain images and I wondering if there is a filter or something that let me segment the areas that I haver marked with red on this image: image description

The original image is this one: image description

Yes, I know that there are a lot of deep learning solutions to segment this kind of networks, but I'm wondering, because I'm newbie, if there is a filter to highlight these areas that I have surrounded.

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answered 2020-02-10 10:04:03 -0500

juanmamdp gravatar image

You could use image thresholding to highlight the brightest areas, to begin with. Then, some heuristics to determine an interior zone and/or any other relevant information (e.g., the pixels are near one of the black areas)

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