Visual Studio for Desktop 2012 Cannot find MSVCP100D.dll

asked 2013-10-07 18:45:58 -0500

ichampon gravatar image

I had an error before regarding the opencv dll files and finally figured out how to add the bin file to the system PATH. Now I am attempting to run again and a popup is coming up saying "The program can't start because MSVCP100D.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." Please someone help on the matter

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I just ran into the same issue. I have added the correct folders to the system path, I have also added the include directory and additional library directories in the Linker.

Other unrelated Visual Studio projects run with no problems.

Does anyone know what might have caused this issue?

rbds gravatar imagerbds ( 2013-11-18 14:18:25 -0500 )edit