KCF is not correctly finding tracked object

asked 2019-10-17 06:02:57 -0500

Aeroclassics gravatar image

When I pass a frame and a bounding box to trackerKCF init the tracker properly initializes. If the tracked object has moved before calling the first update, the update returns a true and the bounding box is equal to the original bounding box. But that is not where the tracked object is. Also as the video progress and the object moves update track fails until the tracker is back in the location where the first update occurred. Then it does not fail.

I thought it was just my C# code and application so I "borrowed" the tracker example python script and tried that. I get the same behavior. If the racked object moves before the first update the returned rectangle matches the original bounding box coordinates but that is not where the object is. I am using OpenCV 4.1

I realize that this might be hard to explain. So I have uploaded a script and two short videos that demonstrate the behavior. You will find them here.

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