mapping returned from cv::aruco::estimatePose

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updated 2019-10-07 16:11:33 -0500

cv::aruco::estimatePose returns the mapping between marker space and camera space via the two variables rvec and tvec - but the documentation doesn't state how exactly. In particular I wonder whether it describes camera location/rotation in the marker space or whether it describes marker location/rotation in camera space?

Or stated differently, is it

point_in_marker_space = (Rodrigues(rvec) * point_in_camera_space) + tvec


point_in_camera_space = (Rodrigues(rvec) * point_in_marker_space ) + tvec

or something else?

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It is the second one.

You can test it easily by printing the tvec values. Here is the camera frame.

Eduardo gravatar imageEduardo ( 2019-10-09 13:37:47 -0500 )edit