Image quality for multi page Tiff

asked 2019-09-09 11:03:14 -0500

Folks - I am new to OpenCV and looking for guidance if I am using the right approach. We have ton of multi page Tiff Images that span atleast 15-20 pages long. The quality of image is sometimes good and sometimes not good. Here is my thought process to improve the quality of the image and please feel free to correct.

a) I would like to first estimate the image quality score. Is that possible for black/white, complete text image.

b) If I determine the score is low then i would like to use methods to enhance the quality of the image.

I have attached a sampleC:\fakepath\2019-09-09_8-58-11.png(/upfiles/1568044740803077.png)(/upfiles/15680447268662473.png)

(Note : The images are from the same TIFF document on multiple pages , I saved them as .png for screenshots to this post)

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