2 cameras working together everywhere except OpenCV

asked 2013-09-26 15:24:48 -0500

fliker09 gravatar image

I have 2 computers - one laptop and one desktop. On laptop is installed Ubuntu 12.04, on desktop - Ubuntu 12.10. On both compiled OpenCV On the same computers, several months ago I was using 2.4.4. Now I got back to my project, compiled latest version, as I previously mentioned. And I got into trouble. I have 2 Logitech C270 webcams. Using qv4l2 and guvcview I can easily achieve 960x720@10fps on both cameras at the same time (and even 1280x960@5fps). But then trying to obtain the same with OpenCV it tells me "No space left on device". How is that only possible? Changing the FPS doesn't help (finally we got such long-awaited function!). What is going wrong? I tried to do diff compare between 2.4.4 and and saw that problem doesn't lie in cap_libv4l.cpp as far as I can understand. So, help me please to understand what is wrong and how to fix it!

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