viz3d--Viewing and Rendering time varying 3D point cloud

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Hi all,

In my work, I computes a set of sparse point clouds of a moving object in real time and want to visualize the "time varying" point clouds in real time from free view point. I used cv::viz::viz3d to display the "time varying" point cloud where I can drag and rotate the point cloud by mouse to change the view point.

The issue is that the program stalls and stops updating the point cloud when the mouse is holding or dragging the point cloud. How can I make the program still update the point cloud even when the render viewpoint is being changed. I am new to graphics and sorry for this obvious question.

Any comments are appreciated.

The code now looks like

//(1) reconstructing point clouds in real time 
//(2) Visualization and Rendering
cv::viz::WCloud cloud(pointCloud, color);
viewer.showWidget( "Cloud", cloud );


Thank you all in advance.

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