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SurfFeatureDetector undefined

asked 2019-02-07 04:48:43 -0500

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I am trying to use SURF DETECTOR using this tutorial. link text

I have installed opencv_contrib extra package using cmake by this tutorial. link text

After completing all procedure, when I am trying to use SurfFeatureDetector it gave me error like, it is not defined.

is anyone have idea what I am missing?

opencv version: 4.0.0

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answered 2019-02-07 05:03:35 -0500

berak gravatar image

updated 2019-02-07 05:09:49 -0500

I have installed opencv_contrib extra package using cmake

good ! make sure you have cmake -DOPENCV_ENABLE_NONFREE=ON

then, syntax has changed:

#include "opencv2/xfeatures2d.hpp"

Ptr<xfeatures2d::SURF> surf = xfeatures2d::SURF::create();
surf->detectAndCompute(img, ....);
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opencvr gravatar imageopencvr ( 2019-02-07 05:52:08 -0500 )edit

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