android version >= 23 throws Detected probelms with native libraries Invalid DT_NEEDED Entries generated on alertdialog

asked 2019-01-23 06:23:08 -0500

yogeshwaram gravatar image

building an app for Face recognition using opencv, all works fine under android version <==22, but >= 23 it throws Detected problems with app native libraries (please consult log for detail ) Invalid DT_NEEDED Entry / / /..lib generated

went through the android docs regarding this and under the tittle " Invalid DT_NEEDED Entries (Enforced since API 23)"

their given resolution is

Resolution: make sure all required libraries are referenced by SONAME only. It is better to let the runtime linker to find and load those libraries as the location may change from device to device.

but i didnt get anything from that , exactly what change do i need to make , either in gradle or cmake , kindly clarify , stuck on that .


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