Runtime Error :-QSettings::value: Empty key passed

asked 2018-03-19 01:08:48 -0500

Recently I installed opencv 3.4.0 and built it with libqt4-dev as i had some problems with the gtk tools. Every opencv program is being compiled properly but during the execution there is always an unexpected error of: QSettings::value: Empty key passed for which either the video file is not opened from the first and the whole program gets terminated or some expected console outputs are not shown. Can any one help me out?

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can you try to be more precise ? the exact error msg ? the exact situation it occurs ?

berak gravatar imageberak ( 2018-03-19 03:54:00 -0500 )edit

One of my programs had to print 7 outputs on the console screen,out of which 6 were shown and for the last one it had 2 errors of:- QSettings::value: Empty key passed QSettings::value: Empty key passed following the 7 outputs was a n image to be displayed which was displayed properly. In another one which was a simple background subtraction program had the same error and neither the original video window nor the processed video window opened and the program terminated with the error:- QSettings::value: Empty key passed

N.S:- All these program programs are tested and ran successfully when i had opencv-3.0.0 installed with gtk tools.

samxaverian gravatar imagesamxaverian ( 2018-03-20 13:09:51 -0500 )edit