camera calibration - y-value is very wrong

asked 2013-08-08 16:09:16 -0500

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updated 2013-08-08 16:36:29 -0500

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I am working with openCV, respectively with the module "camera_calibration" from the openCV samples (

During my work I realized that only the calculated x- and z-value are correct (variation about 1-3mm). My y-vaule is very very wrong, I have variations about 50mm.

So I think that the variable "tvecs", line 448 in the file "camera_calibration.cpp" ( has a wrong calculated value after the calibration.

Is it possible that there is a math-bug in openCV which gives me a false y-vaule in my vector "tvecs" or is this calibration in generel rather inaccurate ? Weird is the fact that the x- and z-vaule are pretty good, but the z-vaule is damn false.

Any ideas how to get a better y-value or do you have the same problem?


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