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HTC One & performance

asked 2013-07-26 02:43:21 -0600

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I tried to use OpenCV4Android with my brand new HTC One, and I was quite disapointed with the performance. This are the test I performed: On the "mixed processing" sample, just displaying the video with OpenCV in Java:

  • Full quality (1280x720), I'm between 12 & 18 fps (according to the SDK function enableFpsMetter)
  • 720x480 : between 22 & 24 fps
  • 320x240 : ~24 fps

When I do a simple Canny detection, with 720x480 (the last acceptable quality), I drop to 12 fps. The bad thing is that I thought I could do some better traitment in real-time.

Do you have any tips to improve the quality? Parameters I could change? I'm thinking about doing an OC but it wouldn't be enough I think...

Thanks ! XavierP

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answered 2013-07-28 14:49:52 -0600

You can process frames asynchronously. It is useful approach for real time applications.

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