mingw 4.7.2 + OpenCV 2.4.6 + Win7 cannot run program

asked 2013-07-13 10:37:52 -0600

JCP gravatar image

You see, my softwares are all latest. And I follow exactly http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10860352/getting-started-with-opencv-2-4-and-mingw-on-windows-7. Certainly I changed some parameters according to my own system.

Compile is successful but the result is no luck. Almost is 0xc00000005 error. What's wrong with that?

On the other hand, I try MS Visual Studio 2012 + OpenCV 2.4.6 + Win7, the result is good.

But using MS VS2012 is too complicated. I prefer to MinGW, which is very simple.

Anyone can share some ideas? Thx!

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