build opencv 2.4.9 with gstream

asked 2017-07-03 06:22:27 -0500

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updated 2017-07-03 06:26:10 -0500

hi everybody

i want to compile opencv with gstreamer

i read

and i did just fallow steps:

Download pkg-config-lite-0.28-1_bin-win32

Add following system paths

C:\Program Files (x86)\pkg-config-lite-0.28-1\bin



Add Environment Variable

PKG_CONFIG_PATH C:\Gstreamer\1.0\x86_64\lib\pkgconfig

Edit opencv\sources\CMakeLists.txt ... OCV_OPTION(WITH_GSTREAMER "Include Gstreamer support" ON IF (WIN32 OR UNIX AND NOT ANDROID) )

but gstreamer still is no

please please help me

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