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best approach to detect different objects real-time

asked 2013-06-05 03:09:51 -0500

vikassonwal gravatar image

My objective is to find at least two different objects at real-time with OpenCV. I have tried using SURF, but it is working for one object at a time.

-> I don't want to detect multiple occurrence of an object.

-> The technique should detect different objects at a time.

Please suggest me any approach to handle this problem. I need the following output, if these objects are in front of webcam.

image description

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answered 2013-06-05 03:18:59 -0500

There isn't a single technique out there in OpenCV that will give you a multiple class detector. Your best approach is to build two detectors, for each seperate class and combine them together in a search for candidates in order to detect both classes.

If the object remains the same, using techniques like SIFT and SURF to define feature points and match them is a possibility.

If however intra-class variation exists, you could try to build a model for each class, using the cascade classifier approach.

Give us more detail about your exact needs.

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