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face recognition for android

asked 2012-06-26 05:50:19 -0600

raihan_rdg gravatar image

updated 2012-06-26 07:01:41 -0600

Kirill Kornyakov gravatar image

I would like to try out opencv face recognition for android...I have worked with android but i am totally noob in case of opencv. I need to build an app that would recognize a face by comparing it to a set of images. I would like to know where do i start from regarding opencv api for android. What would be the most convenient way to start and what docs to read.......any amount of help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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answered 2012-06-26 11:05:38 -0600

Kirill Kornyakov gravatar image

updated 2012-06-28 03:49:21 -0600

Unfortunately OpenCV doesn't have mature face recognition functionality. But in the latest 2.4 release Philipp Wagner added some implementation to the opencv_contrib module. You can check his activity here: .

This wiki page may also contain some useful information: .

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answered 2012-07-03 05:42:10 -0600

Please note the update for the upcoming OpenCV 2.4.2 release, which is coming with a lot of documentation:

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Is there a android example?

mandroid gravatar imagemandroid ( 2012-07-26 21:26:41 -0600 )edit

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